There are no listings matching your search. was founded by Stephen Lindsey, an entrepreneur and President and co-founder of the alcoholic beverage licensing service Texas Liquor License located in Dallas, Texas. Prior to joining his father in the licensing business, Stephen was a business development and sales planning executive in Los Angeles for companies such as MGM, Paramount and Fox.

When Stephen struggled to find an insurance provider for one of his companies, he stumbled upon the most important commandment by which one must abide when shopping for insurance: get an agent.

Turns out, anyone who’s been down that road and got burned with a bad policy, overpaid for extraneous coverage or struggled to find coverage in the first place, knows how important it is to have a good agent on your team of advisors.

Shockingly, Stephen found that abiding by this commandment was easier said than done when relying on search engines to find that perfect agent. With so much pay-per-click advertising and corporate spam clogging up search results, we’re at the mercy of whatever the search algorithm vomits up on screen, much of which seems manipulated by the fat SEO budgets of large corporations.

Around this time, internet domain registrars began rolling out the new “generic top level domain extensions” like .directory, .guide and .gallery to name a few. It didn’t take a genius to realize the world should be able to type “” into your browser, with no .com attached, and pull up a list of insurance industry professionals ready to earn your business.

“Our present day internet is based in part on two big fallacies when you think about it. 1) only .com websites can be trusted and 2) online search algorithms show us the most relevant websites first.

The domain extension .com is completely meaningless. There are no quality control standards that a .com website has to abide by. There is no .com regulatory authority policing these websites.This fallacy has crippled innovation on the web.

As for number 2, search results can always be manipulated by anyone with a large enough budget so you always have to be skeptical about the results you’re getting. The truth is they’re usually not your best options.The pay-per-click ads are frequently better options though search users tend to see it backwards.

These new domain extensions like .directory, .guide, .gallery etc. are the obvious naming system we need to access information more easily. It’s like a Dewey decimal system for the internet but with a common sense nomenclature that we’re already familiar with so we don’t have to search for it. We can go directly to,,,, etc. and get those contacts, those pictures, or that guide without thinking about it or searching for it.”

Stephen Lindsey


Stephen also has plans to develop and which will be linked seamlessly with via a shared directory icon at the top of the page to create a branded network of directories. The network will be open to anyone looking to develop a .directory domain provided they use the branded website template.

“In addition to the directory network, we will do the same with guides and galleries. This will be a legitimate search alternative to Google’s algorithm based search engine.”

In the works are,,, and other common sense domains. Stephen has filed a provisional patent application on technology that would allow sites with these new domain extensions to link together into common marketplaces. This way they won’t have to rely on search traffic for customers and are more “open” public marketplaces as opposed to “captured” or closed ones like ebay, Amazon or iTunes being operated by a single website.