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Pay Per Contact: $8

No Contract/Cancel Any Time

Exclusive Leads:

We’re a legit directory. ALL your contacts and calls from our users are EXCLUSIVE. We don’t resell leads. Not now. Not ever.

Real Customers:

Our directory users find us through search engines, social media and streaming radio ads- even viral posts on sharing platforms like Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram – no bots or click farms. Puppies and kittens maybe, but no bots or click farms. These are real people near you looking to buy insurance.

Cheaper Than PPC Ads:

The pay-per-click bids on most keywords for the insurance industry are ridiculously expensive, as much as 4 times what we charge or worse.

Better than PPC Ads:

Paying per click gets you…a click. We bring you an exclusive relationship with a customer that is reaching out to do business with YOU (because they saw your listing and liked your smile, or tie, or your listing was at the top of the page or who knows why). Welcome to the post-click world.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

With a Pro Listing, you can submit a blog post for consideration by the content team. A published article will expand your presence on the web and drive search engine traffic to your directory listing.

Our Guaranty:

If we bring you 20 customers (who want to talk to YOU specifically) at a cost of $160 to $200 and you can’t close one or two of them and double your money, we guarantee you won’t be in this business for very long.